Hi, I'm Khadija [aka Lallu] -  I created this online space on 20th of July, 2017. Oh, what's my goal behind this blog? The goals are infinity! Now, let me share some information about myself then you share about yourself. Deal? Deal. 
People say 'Happy Birthday' to me on 4th of October, every year. I love minions [who doesn't?]. A Perfect Mix of Everything was my very first blog. I love lemons [but gotta control myself]. Nature is my BBF. I'm a plant lover. I speak three languages. Yellow is my favorite color. I love taking pictures *click click*. I love cookies. Sunflowers are my favorite. I grew up watching horror movies. I don't mind other genres. I love animated movies. I spend hours looking at food pictures and videos [I know I'm not the alone one]. I love life [it never goes the way I plan it, but it goes on anyway]. I always search for horror movies. I always search for kindness [it's everywhere] // That's all! But, wait... Remember our deal? Come on, don't be shy. Hey! How about becoming friends online? Good idea, right? 

See you around, dear! Please feel free to have a ride around this bloggy. Oh, don't you worry! Here's a bike... Remember to wear your helmet ♡


My Online Life