Being a blogger is not that easy... Sometimes, I spend a whole day looking for something! Well, I've been blogging for a while now and I came across some pretty amazing sites/apps that will surely help you as a blogger. Let's get started: 

 My current template is Hayden by Herpark, you can check out her website, all her templates [blogspot and wordpress] are amazing! Also, ThemeXPose and OddThemes are full of beautiful templates. [ps I create free templates every once a while, so check this little space].

The best two sites to get wonderful fonts are DaFonts & BeFonts. BUT, please read everything about the font before downloading.

These days, I'm only using Unsplash for my blog's pictures. It's full of everything you want, but there are other options such as Haute Stock, Ivorymix, Kaboompics, Styled Stock and StockSnap.

Sometimes, I use my phone to edit and sometimes I use my laptop. These are the sites/apps I use: VSCO, BeFunky, Online Photoshop, Cut My Pic, Canva, Lightroom, PicSee, Instants.

I use We Lived Happily Ever After's digital graphics on my blog. 

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